about me

my question is that is there is something like a benevolent deity which can help us? we have been born with acute bad-luck. believe me or not but there must be something as luck, that exists in this world. if you are an atheist and do not believe in luck, then you should better read "free will" by author sam harris. might be for you luck doesn't exists. but to think that not all peoples are born with same IQ, same weight, same beauty, same economical condition, etc.etc. some peoples are born with disease which can not be cured all through life. I was also born with terrible health problems. even to this date my body build is weak. despite of taking numerous health supplements, herbs, etc.
my parents served me greatly, and that is why I am still alive.

if life I have read many stories which are supposed to be true as per the authours, in which they discussed that how by doing such and such ritual the aforesaid person got freedom from his particular disease or problem.. well dude why your deity needs plenty of investments in all those rituals?  I have seen that all these so called priests, babas, occultists are money hungry souls. there deities are in need of plenty of those things which we unlucky souls simply can not afford.

seems to me that god also likes only those who are born with a silver spoon.

in life I have lived like a theist, a very very hardcore theist, who had a very very firm belief that god can perform miracle, he can do anything which he likes...all of my beliefs got such a such a great great great shock, such a painful hit by destiny that I turned in to a god hater.