Sunday, 24 April 2016

part 3 of my life, the evils are enjoying

though my whole life itself is a misery, but in this part I will discuss the life of those who betrayed me and betrayed the whole world of innocents
my ex girlfriend after breaking the heart of 4 of her boy friends including me, got a very dashing boyfriend who was in indian army.
my friend who was utterly selfish criminal asshole, enjoyed too much of sexual pleasures by cheating very criminally with a married women.
actually a women who was married and having a child was living near his home, her married life was at vain. and a court case was going on so that she can take divorce with her husband.
she started liking my criminal type of friend. my friend showed himself that he is very very moral person and will marry with her after the divorce. I call my friend a criminal because he lied with that girl. he was interested in sexual pleasure only.
after enjoying very much with that girl, he left her. he did all these things intentionally, as that time he had already shared his plan with some of his bad friends.
when he left her, she got a very bad shock of her life. she was hoping that she will enjoy a very good married life with him, she was really in love with him. so she wanted to commit suicide. she even tried for it but due to lack of courage to kill herself,, she failed. she is still alive..
and yes,, not to mention that my friend who cheated plenty of innocents in his life is also alive and still enjoying his life as always...
what I want to know that how he ever got success in his such type of criminal plans. we were innocent, both me and that women were. but both got plenty of sorrows, plenty of sorrows in the world of god...